Photos gallery for the match of JPN-USA

The second match of World Leaque 2007 between Japan and USA, which was held on 24th June 2007 at Kumamoto-ken, Japan.

Photo descritions in the top-down sequence are as following:

Photo# 1. Japan national team were gathering after taking a point in the 1st set

Photo# 2. Japan made a substitution when Matsumoto could not play a vital role in the middle
Photo# 3. USA took a substitution of players in 2nd set
Photo# 4. Hoff, a key player for this wining of USA
Photo# 5. Prepared for the service in the 2nd set
Photo# 6. USA cerebrated when the score of 19-19 in the 1st set
Photo# 7. Tomimatsu, a key blocker for Japan
Photo# 8. Koshikawa Yu, a best scorer in this match for Japan
Photo# 9. Chiba was sent to the field in 2nd set when Naohiro could not play his form
Photo# 10. A setter for US team
Photo# 11. Gotsu and Tomimatsu when rotated to positions just in front of the net


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