Japan defeated in straight sets to USA

The second match of JPN-USA was held at Kumamoto-ken. The host country made a good start before the US team boosting their solid wing spikes to interrupting the host team. Not only did the solid spike, US team also showed the high-level of offense with excellent blocks. Finally, the US clinched the first set with the score of 25-23.

Second set, the host still had the same problem of wing spikes, when Naohiro could not play as usual as he did. He was sent to the sideline to see his friends playing and been substituted by Chiba. Despite Koshikawa gained every point when he hit the ball, the host did more individual mistakes of both recieve and service resulting in giving the second to the US team with a score of 22-25.

In the 3rd set, US started very strong with and kept the lead until the first TTO. In the middle of the set, the host striked back with solid wing spikes and solid blocks. Japan leads 13-11, before both teams level to 17-17. The host made mistakes on the recieve giving 2 points to the US team. Then, US team did not throw their chance away when their clinch the final set with score of 25-22.

JPN (0 - 3) USA


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