Boris Yeltsin Cup of Russia (28Jun-4Jul 07)

An official international tournament that the Japanese girls plan to compete before entering the World Grand Prix 2007, which will start in August, is a President Boris Yeltsin Cup of Russia. In this tournament, there are 8 teams participating divided into 2 groups.

Group A : Russia, Japan, Turkey, and Belarus
Group B : China, Nethelands, Azerbaijan, and Russia-2 (Junior)

Every teams in each group will battle in round robin and teams to finish 1st-2rd will be automatically enter the semifinal, while the 3rd-4th will fall into the 5th-8th classification.

Match schedules:
Group A
28 Jun 07 16.30 : Japan - Turkey
28 Jun 07 19.00 : Russia- Belarus
29 Jun 07 17.00 : Russia - Turkey
29 Jun 07 19.30 : Japan - Belarus
30 Jun 07 17.00 : Belarus - Turkey
30 Jun 07 19.30 : Russia- Japan

Group B
28 Jun 07 15.30 : Azerbaijan -Netherlands
28 Jun 07 18.30 : China-Russia-2
29 Jun 07 16.00 : Azerbaijan-Russia-2
29 Jun 07 18.30 : China-Netherlands
30 Jun 07 16.00 : Netherlands-Russia-2
30 Jun 07 18.30 : China-Azerbaijan

Take a very quick look at the group A, Russia is likely to get a ticket through a semifinal. Japan will have to fight a very tight match against Turkey, the Turkey girls have once showed the world how excellent volleyball skills they were when they appeared in the FIVB matches last year. They played very well in both powerful attacks and solid blocks. Hope Japan could make something possible and play the fast attacking as same as they play against other taller-players teams. Eventually, the host Russia and Japan will unsurprisingly get through the semifinal leaving Belarus and Turkey to fight for the 5th-8th classification.

In Group B, China is likely to be the strongest although Azerbaijan is always able to fight the close match with. Nethelands, a team who made a big surprize downed the Athens Olympic Champion at the World Championship 2006 tournament, will be an only team to play thrillingly against China. Finally, China and Netherlands will surely finish 1st and 2nd respectively.

Wait and see how good this new Japanese women team can make for this tournament??
Gambare Nippon !!


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