Who made Japanese men team surprized win over ITALY ??

Italy, eight times world champion, suffered from the defeated by a hand of japanese new face. With the 3-2 sets win

, Japan made a new record to win over an giant for the first time in 13 years. Their last win was in 1994.

After watching the match, I think that the win was made by these following players.

1. Koshikawa Yu ( 9.5 from 10 )

Koshikawa made 3 service aces during the end of the 4th set, this made Japan to have a place for the final set. And, it was a spike of Koshikawa to close the match.

2. Naohiro Ryuji ( 9 from 10)

Naohiro showed the great form of a back-spiking. He brought Japan to come from behide and continueously took a point when he hit a ball.

3. Ishijima Yosuke (9 from 10)

Gotsu is a nick name. He really made a world-ranked no. 2, Italy in troubles. Gotsu helped Japan to have a motivation of fighting, and he was a real fighter with a powerful spike.

4. Tomimatsu Takaaki ( 9 from 10)

Although this is his first time for National team, he did very excellent in the middle, especially in blocking. This made Italy side could not spike as usual as they always do. Tomimatsu will be one of the main players for Japanese men team in the near future, I am so sure.

5. For all other members that I did not mention, they showed overall at 8.5 level. Thanks to their working hard for the match, Japan has already made a new history to win over a world number 2.
Good job boys !!!! Congratulations!!!


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