Gotsu, Gambareeeee……!

In the World League 2007, another key play maker of Japanese men volleyball is obviously a 22-year-of-age boy, Ishijima Yosuke. Gotsu is his name for short, and he is one of many examples for those who born to be a volleyball player. Once he realized that he’d exactly like to play and be a professional for his career, he directly flew to Brazil, where he was trained professionally and took a part in a Brazilian league as a player. After returning to a mother country, he was invited to join a national team. With his aggressive spike and a high-jump, he always stands and keeps himself being one of the 6 starting members in every match for World Championship 2006 in Tokyo. Since then, his name has been widely known and been talking about on many TV sport news reports.
Gotsu showed the world very high-level volleyball skills for the matches two weeks ago when his national team played Italy and France for World League 2007 competition .
Japan still has 4 remaining games in this tournament, and Gotsu does really believe that his team can make it possible and take any win from stronger teams namely France and Italy.

Let’s cheer him up to make it becomes true.

Konshyuu mo gambatte ne, Gotsu !


(>_<) said...

Gottsu เก่งจิงๆ...
ชอบ Gottsu เหมือนกัน ดูโหดๆแบบเงียบๆ
เหอเหอเหอ...นัดที่เหลือ เอาชนะกันให้ได้นะ

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(>_<) said...

บางทีเห็น Gottsu ไกลๆ แอบเหมือนรูปปั้นกรีกโบราณด้วยแหละ...เอิ๊กๆๆๆ